TLV builds a head of steam

The partnership will give ERIKS customers access to a broad portfolio of steam products from TLV, now backed by ERIKS know-how in asset management, condition monitoring and support services. As with other products supplied by ERIKS, TLV steam systems will be supported across their whole lifecycle, from installation to commissioning, operation and, ultimately, decommissioning. 
Integration and evaluation
Founded in Japan and now a leading global business with operations in a dozen different countries, TLV takes its name from the philosophy behind one of its original products. The concept of the “Trouble Less Valve” led to “TLV” and to the company’s continuing drive to develop innovative solutions in steam engineering.
TLV prides itself on research and development which doesn’t simply imitate existing ideas or follow established industry standard designs, but instead looks at completely re-engineering concepts and ideas. This commitment to designing and building only patented products has led to over 3,800 patents to date.
However, what helps to make TLV a perfect partner for ERIKS is the shared focus on providing more than just products.
The company’s holistic approach to steam system integration includes its Steam System Optimisation Programme (SSOP). This is a three-phase evaluation of an entire system, aimed at improving its safety, efficiency and productivity.
Of course products are also important, and the partnership with ERIKS will enable TLV to offer customers a wide range, including their innovative Cospect pressure-reducing valve. A compact all-in-one solution for steam systems, the Cospect is one of the few products on the market that combines solid particle removal, steam separation, condensate removal and pressure reduction in just one valve. 
Opening up valves
ERIKS’ partnership with TLV will add another facet to ERIKS’ valve offering, and will provide customers with access to TLV’s risk-based analysis and Lloyd’s-approved testing systems.
Nigel Ord, General Manager of ERIKS’ Ireland Flow Control business, sees the new partnership as benefitting both existing ERIKS customers and existing TLV customers.
“Partnering with TLV will enable us to leverage further knowledge and advice and to help support our customers looking to make the most of their steam systems – whether from an asset management or a condition monitoring perspective. It will also pave the way for ERIKS 
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