ERIKS UK launch VVC Products in UK and Ireland

Leicester 4th July 2016
Econosto UK and ERIKS UK have been appointed as the Agent for Belgian Manufacturer VVC for their full range of specialised Valves and Dampers for Solids and Gases.
V.V.C. manufacture Flue gas dampers are meant to regulate, divert or shut high or low temperature gases in pipes. Our dampers can manage temperatures varying from -40°C to 1150°C, By-pass Valves, special sluice valves, Sealing air dampers,  inlet control valves and refractory-lined damper valves.
More standard Valves include Butterfly Valves, including inflatable seat designs, Knife Gate Valves, Ball Valves and Pinch Valves.
V.V.C. produces custom-made valves and dampers for your most specific fields of application, allowing you to smoothly shut, dose and divert bulk, gases and fluids. These uncommon constructions are especially designed for you, tailored to your needs.
Each field of application requires a specific valve solution. V.V.C.’s custom-made valves are designed in such a way that hot gases and solids can easily be regulated in your pipes.
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