ECON label and premium brands

Econosto Nederland holds the ISO 9001-2008 certificate including the design section. This means that Econosto is permitted to design and produce or have products produced itself. This is increasingly being done especially under its own Econ® label.
An increasing number of customers rely for their fittings and instrumentation on the own-label Econ® brand. That is because products that carry the Econ® quality label are durable and designed according to your requirements: a sturdy construction, a high degree of reliability and optimal safety. Econ® products are also low maintenance and environmentally friendly and offer excellent value for money.
Strict quality criteria
Before deciding to put the Econ® label on a product, there is a fixed step-by-step plan involving a large number of checks conducted on both the product and the manufacturer’s production process. For example, matters such as the moulding quality and the pressure testing is assessed and the extent to which the tolerances on the various parts match the requirements. Products can only be given the Econ® quality label once all the initial checks have been completed satisfactorily.
Even after the initial approval and testing of the first deliveries, Econosto remains critical. Regular quality control checks are executed to ensure a uniform quality. This is how Econosto ensures that all the desired product characteristics remain at the same level. Choosing Econ®, means choosing certainty in terms of quality.
•  High reliability
•  Optimal safety
•  Solid construction
•  Low maintenance
•  Environmentally friendly
•  Good value for money
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